In this post, I tell you how this situation affects me because of CORONAVIRUS COVID-19.


How does it affect me personally?

I cannot walk which is something that I love, nor see sunset in the park surrounded by nature, nor have leisure such as going to the movies, libraries, etc.

I must avoid contact with close people.

How does it affect me professionally?

I must work from home.

Maintain contact with colleagues through electronic devices.

Since Friday, March 13, it is official, that all judicial proceedings are suspended, and judicial deadlines are also suspended.

What steps do I take in this regard?

All those I have mentioned to you, we must be responsible and in solidarity with others.

What is #quedateencasa?

It consists of going out what is necessary, that is, to go to the supermarket, to the pharmacy, to walk the dog and go up. That is, leaving the essential, out of necessity not for pleasure.

People who have to go to work, go from work to home.

Do not go out for leisure or go on vacation to other places.

What do I think of #quedateencasa?

It is necessary and essential to stay at home to avoid new contagious. In these difficult times, it is when we should be most caring and responsible with others and with ourselves.

Of course, I do not like to stay at home and give up what I have explained before. Although it is necessary for a common good, which is the health of all.

If with this measure we save life, go ahead, I do it without thinking twice.


I leave you the following, I hope you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDHJW4r3elE


Copyright Nathalie González

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