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  1. Respecting our business hours. Two cases can be given, the first in which it is the company that sets the schedule, the second it is you who can choose. In the second case, it is where we must be careful not to disperse and be aware that we must also be a productive person.


  1. Use an agenda, it does not matter whether it is on paper or digital. The important thing is that you like it.


  1. Prioritize: the most urgent and important tasks should be done first. I classify them as follows:
    1. The most urgent: the first.
    2. The least urgent: the second.
    3. Those that I already did, but I must review: the third.
    4. Those who can wait: the fourths.


  1. When should I write down the tasks I have to do? Never the same day, if you already know them before. My advice is to write down the task when you know it. While writing them down, prioritize them.


  1. When you have completed a task, mark it as completed. How? I use the tick, use the one you like the most (cross, square, cross out, rhombus, etc.).


  1. Use post-its to differentiate or annotate emails to send, calls, task to be done first without the possibility of delay.


  1. Set alarms to stop our breaks. So, we are not waiting to constantly look at our clock or the time on our electronic device.


  1. Check that we have completed all the tasks. If one day, we don't get to do all of them, don't get frustrated. Be careful that it does not become a habit, because that is dangerous.


  1. Rest and sleep well to start the next day with energy and be a productive day. To sleep is to sleep, not to be thinking about things. Our brain and our body must rest between 7-8 hours a day.



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