• Do not despair, thinking that this only happens to us.
  • Try to be busy in what we like the most.
  • If one day we do nothing, do not think that we have done it wrong. We are entitled to days like this.
  • Be positive and optimistic. Although we must allow ourselves to have a “bad” day or to do nothing.
  • Do those things that we couldn't do before due to lack of time.
  • Go back to abandoned hobbies.
  • Get some exercise, as much as possible.
  • Important: let's do the activity we do, always remember to take breaks.
  • The power of the white fol, write all the events that generate a positive emotion.



  • Maintain the same schedule, both for activity, that is, our office hours and sleeping hours.
  • Disconnect from all screens, including mobile phone, 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Do not think about the things we have to do the next morning, or the week.
  • Try to leave your mind blank.
  • Relax with the sole thought of falling asleep.
  • It is important to sleep and not just rest, so that our brain and body are ready and prepared for the next day.
  • You must sleep 8 hours. If one day you sleep less, nothing happens, as long as it does not last over time.

Copyright Nathalie González

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