It is a way to test the personal character of both communications via WhatsApp and social networks.


It serves to support and demonstrate that there has been no manipulation in the content provided by both WhatsApp and social ties parenthesis Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn etc.


When can it be used? In three cases: when we want to analyze the content of the information, when we want to access the information on a certain device and the most important, to show that the person that appears as a sender is the sender and also to show that the messages are whole , that is, we have not made a copy and paste.


It can be contributed to any judicial or extrajudicial procedure. It is a complementary test to the rest of the tests. I recommend that whenever you want to demonstrate the identity of the sender, the authenticity and integrity of the messages received. Because what it does is demonstrate and say, it has been copied and stuck or not. And it shows that what I say that has been sent to me is really what has been sent to me and the person who appears to me as the sender is really the sender.


This computer expert test must be performed by an expert. There are three ways of appointing an expert: the first, if there is already a judicial procedure, the judge can appoint him at the request of one or several parties; the second, if it is prior or extrajudicial by the one designated by the party or parties; and the third through an official institution.



I hope that together with the video you have solved the rural if a WhatsApp (message as a state) or a message or publication on social networks, can be provided as evidence.


And you also liked it.


Until the next entry!

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