In today's post, I write about the use of patios or terraces in the Owners Communities.

Patios or terraces can be:

  • Common element.
  • Common element for private use.
  • Exclusive element.

On what type of element, it is, depends on the Community of Owners in question. On this point, I do not write anything else, because but instead of a post it would be a book.


Being indifferent its classification of common element, of common element for private use or of exclusive element. We are going to focus on a specific and quite frequent case, that of the private use of patios or terraces:


  • Can works be carried out?

            If they do not affect common elements. In this case, no, because it is practically impossible that a work in a patio or on a terrace does not affect a common element, for                example the floor.


  • Who should keep them?

            Two assumptions:

                        - Ordinary conservation corresponds to the person who has assigned its use and enjoyment.

                        - If it exceeds that ordinary conservation, it will be the Community of Owners.

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