Today's entry is related to the video. The video is about potentially dangerous dogs, and here I discuss animal rights in general.

Animals have rights and we have managed to stop being considered things by the Criminal Code, which is a great advance. Because now both abandonment and ,maltrate are crimes that carry the imprisonment of three months and one day to one year (in addition to others).

But I think that even if they were not a crime, like the great defenders of animals, one should never mistreat or abandon an animal.

Because if we decide to adopt an animal it is to have it in the best possible conditions, but not. They are sentient beings, animals are beings with feelings they can be sad, angry, cheerful, etc.

Although we do not like animals, because they do not have to like everyone, it will never justify or be abused or abandoned, because I no longer like it because I have tired of it.

We must all be responsible and be clear that this living being has needs that we have to provide and protect. And something very important we must give them love and affection, because they give us everything for nothing. So, that we have to take care of them is the least we can do.

If unfortunately you are witnesses of maltrate or abandonment, the first thing you have to do is call 112 to advise you on what you have to do. If you have the opportunity to be able to take a photo or a video, then too. But the important thing is that you call 112 or if you collaborate with any association of animals, then that association to guide you in the correct steps to be performed. Because the most important thing for the animal is its seizure of better "hands" and after the person responsible is punished. That is why it is very important to advise you before acting, I really insist on calling 112 or an association so that you follow the correct steps. To avoid that unfortunately in some cases where it is difficult to prove that abuse what is going to happen is that the owner may be acquitted and there have been cases even if he pleads guilty for lack of evidence. And what happens in these cases in which the guilty parties are acquitted, who will continue to abuse in most cases. 

To conclude, remind you that the most important thing here is to save the animal and then punish the author.

Animals have rights, that being their owner can not leave him without food, without water, tied without being able to move, etc. In addition, it is booming, the awareness of people who have an animal and is a member of the family which is great.

Greetings see you in the next post and  I wish you liked it.

I want to read your comments.

Lawyer Nathalie González

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