I put the following case: you are quietly driving your car down the road. And suddenly, another car is behind your car.

As a result of this accident, your car is temporarily unusable or sinister (it can no longer be used anymore).


Now what happens, do you run out of car and you have to pay for the replacement car you need? Not so, the replacement car payment corresponds to the insurance of the person who causes the accident. It would not be logical that on top of running out of car you had to pay the replacement.


Does using a car presuppose your need? Indeed, if we use a car it is because we need it. In its use, what is included? It depends on the case.

Is it necessary that who claims these damages, in this case, the affected, prove them? Yes, the tests in each case will be different.


To conclude, if you are affected in an accident as victims and you need a replacement car, the insurance of the person who causes the accident, who must face the payment of that expense.














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