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In the post, I write to you in relation to THE TIPS TO MANAGE A CONFLICT.

There are times when, although we do not want to enter a conflict, the conflict affects us directly or indirectly.

The essential thing is to know how to manage the conflict.

The tips are as follows:


All people have emotions, positive and negative emotions, it is totally different if they are good or bad.

The important thing about emotions is knowing how to manage them and that they do not affect us negatively. By negative I mean anxiety, nervousness, rage, anger.

Sometimes we cannot control having one emotion or another in a conflict, in this case, what do we have to do? Know how to manage them.

What is fundamental? Although positive and negative emotions cannot be controlled, the important thing is to know how to manage them. Always managing them in our favor, that is, they do not affect us negatively.

How to react to the other party's emotions

  • If you get upset, don't react.
  • If you get in a state of anger towards us, don't get upset.
  • If you show a conflicting emotion, don't go into it.
  • Attack us, never strike back.
  • Take out dirty laundry, tell her that it bothers us.
  • Tell secrets, tell her that it seems fatal and that it is irrelevant.
  • The essential thing is to remain calm.

How to manage our emotions

  • We must know them in depth.
  • Know what situations that upset you and avoid them. If we can't avoid them, breathe and calm down.
  • Meditation and mindfulness help to maintain control and management of our emotions


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