Non-contractual liability belongs to the field of Civil Law.

In this post, I am going to give you some examples of non-contractual liability:

  • We walk quietly down the street and we drop a vase, causing injuries. That vase has been thrown from a floor by a minor. In this case, their parents respond.

  • A pot falls from a balcony and when it falls it breaks the moon car. In that house, only one person of legal age lives together. Being of legal age, said person must answers for to the damages.

  • A minor person destroys a store. Because he is a minor, their parents answer for this destruction.

  • We suffered injuries because an air conditioner has fallen from a floor. The cause of his fall has been that a neighbor has relied on him. In this case, does the owner or the neighbor respond? Answer the neighbor or the neighbor who is supported. Since an air conditioner is not made to rely on it.

  • In relation to the previous example. The air conditioner falls without anyone supporting it. Here the owner of the house answers for this fact.

  • I calmly walk my potentially dangerous dog down a street in Madrid. When going for a walk, an adult who came from behind throws his tail and the dog scratches his entire hand with his legs, the dog went with his homologated and appropriate muzzle and his leash of seventy centimeters. Will I have to answer for this damage? NO, because I fulfill the specific obligation regarding the dog of Law 50/1999, of December 23, on the Legal Regime of the Possession of Potentially Dangerous Animals and by article 1905 of the Civil Code.

  • Following the previous example, imagine that the dog was loose. Would there be responsibility? Yes, for breaching the obligation to carry it tied.

  • And if he were bound, but without a muzzle, and bit another animal or a person. Should the owner respond? Also, by failing to comply with the muzzle.



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