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I put the following case that, depending on the final consequence, is brought before the Civil Courts or before the Courts of Violence against Women:

  • Divorce at the request of women without gender violence: before the Civil Courts.
  • Divorce at the request of women with gender-based violence: before the Courts for Violence against Women.


The upstairs neighbor throws dirt and other objects on my patio every day. As a result, it is impossible for me to enjoy my patio. Can I report it?

In this case, it would not be filing a complaint but a lawsuit, because it belongs to the civil sphere and there are no injuries.


Is the dismissal valid made in any way to the worker?

Not. For a dismissal to be valid it must be carried out reliably.


To report abuse or neglect of an animal, do I need to know the owner?

Not at all. The important thing is to report these events.


In a traffic accident, in which the responsible person does not want to play the friendly part or directly runs away. What I can do?

First of all, stay calm. Call the police and tell them what happened. If you can take a photo of the car that runs away much better but look and write down the license plate and the color of the car and the data that you remember. The more data, the easier to locate it.





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