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What to do when receiving the email from the company?

  • Open it.
  • Reading it.
  • Save it.
  • Any questions, send them as a reply to that email to the company.
  • When doubts are resolved, sign it.



If I receive it, and delete it, what are the consequences?

  • That the ERTE is still valid. Because communication by corporate email is totally valid in times of pandemic.
  • Not because it is erased, it is equivalent to disagreeing.
  • It is not worth deleting it and saying I did not find out.



What are the advantages of receiving the ERTE in this way?

  • It is not necessary to go to the company in person.
  • It is a reliable method. Both what is written and the sender.
  • What you sign cannot be modified.
  • Also, safe, since you do not touch a paper or a pen.
  • You avoid a displacement.







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