I recommend you watch the video  https://youtu.be/1zE1XMpeg_0, THE WAIVER FROM THE DUTY TO DECLARE ON GENDER VIOLENCE.


In this post, I tell you about TIPS TO HELP THE VICTIM.


Knowing how to help is essential. In addition to having the intention of helping, you must know how to do it.

What are the tips? The following:

  • It is totally discouraged, asking direct questions of the style, what do you suffer violence to? What is your partner an abuser?
  • Examples of violence can be given, so that the victim can give their opinion.
  • Try to open his eyes in a dosed way.
  • Always show our support.
  • If the victim wants to report, accompany her if she wishes.
  • If the victim wants to report, and wants to go alone, respect it and not insist on accompanying her.
  • Never pressure the victim to tell about their experiences. The victim will tell us when she wants and if she wants.
  • Never judge the victim, or his actions, or take time to report or tell about it.
  • If the victim asks us for shelter, give it to him without question.


Always support the victim and never pressure her to tell us everything.

And be clear that most of the time, the victim does not report the first physical or psychological aggression, because they are not aware of being immersed in the cycle of gender violence.


Why should the above tips be followed? To prevent the victim from entering a locked state.






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