In this post, I explain the concept of ruin and ruin classes, it is related to the video, https://youtu.be/DVtmb0YxNKc. In the video I explain a specific case and here I write about some aspects of the ruin.



Ruin exists when, due to the deterioration of the structure of a building, it is no longer safe to live in it.

Deterioration is not only an aesthetic issue, but it affects the safety of people and the urban public interest.



Imminent ruin

This kind of ruin originates from imminent danger, both to people and to property. It is the most serious because it is when there is a predictability of collapse of the building.

Partial ruin

It occurs when the ruin affects a part of the building. To be considered partial ruin, the parts of the building must be separate architectural bodies.

Urban ruin

It occurs when there are circumstances that suggest the demolition of the property and there is an impossibility of carrying out repair works.

Economic ruin

When the financial outlay necessary for the repair of the property is greater than fifty percent of the current value. In the repair, the necessary ones are considered so that the building can adequately serve its purposes, that is, for greater comfort or decoration superior to that of the farm.




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