I strongly recommend that before reading this entry, you watch the video, https://youtu.be/dPTKtQ5zeVA, where I explain what the OBJECTIVE ZERO VICTIMS consists of.

In this post, I write about the phrases to raise awareness among young people and about camouflaged violence.

Key phrases to raise awareness among young people

  • No one has the right to control neither our mobile nor control our networks.
  • Neither to know our passwords or mobile or social networks.
  • If he tells us that if we don't give them to him, it's because we don't want him. It is quite the opposite. A person who loves you does not ask for them.
  • That's not love.
  • Unfortunately, it is usually the first step towards intimate partner violence.
  • Love does not hurt.
  • Who loves you does not make you cry.
  • You are not inferior to anyone.
  • Jealousy is not love. Jealousy is a form of control.
  • Suffering is not love.
  • Humiliation is not part of any healthy relationship.
  • Control is bad.
  • Harassment is dangerous and not love, both online and face to face.
  • Control of the mobile or other personal devices should never be allowed.
  • Our partner should never control our schedules or our companies.
  • Because, even if we are with a person, that person is a part of our life, not our whole life and, of course, our life should not revolve around that person.


Camouflaged violence

  • It is a term that I use to explain the following (it is a term created by me). I mean that, although the violence is carried out in a more beautiful way, that is, without physical, sexual, or psychological violence, the same goal is pursued, to control and mistreat the victim.
  • For example: the purpose of the abuser is for the victim to change clothes.
  • Violence: You don't go out like that; you look like bitch. Your most logical reaction will be to answer.
  • Camouflaged violence: Honey, that skirt, does not fit you very well, better wear this one. I tell you because I love you very much and I worry that you always go as beautiful as possible. In this case, the most logical reaction is usually to change.
  • You must be very careful with camouflaged violence, because it is much more difficult to detect. If they tell us in bad ways, it is easier to react. If they do it in a camouflaged way, it creates an illusion that they do it because they love us.



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