In this post, I am writing about how people close to victims of intimate partner violence can help.

I invite you to first see the video on VIOLENCE IN THE COUPLE, click https://youtu.be/7wTCzY9dV3k


If close people detect violence, what can they do?

- It is totally inadvisable at first, to ask direct questions of the style: why do you suffer violence?

- Examples of violence can be given, so that the victim gives his opinion.

- Try to open his eyes.

- Always show you our support.

- If the victim wants to report, accompany her if that is her wish.

- Never put pressure on the victim to tell their experiences.

- Important: never judge the victim, nor their actions, nor does it take time to denounce or tell them.

- If the victim asks us for refuge, give it to them without questioning it.

- The victim will tell us when he wants and if he wants.


It is essential: never shout or insult the victim, it is totally counterproductive and causes an absolute decrease in their low self-esteem.

Also, show our unconditional support and never pressure her to report painful events if she doesn't want to.

And be clear that most of the time, the victim does not report the first physical or psychological assault, because she is not aware of being immersed in the cycle of violence in the couple.


Remember: we are here to help you and accompany you and we will never judge you.


Copyright Nathalie González.


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