In relation to this week's video about if the lost calls to an expartner consume or not the crime of conviction breach, for having prohibited communication. I have decided to explain the penalties for the crime of conviction breach.

To make reading more enjoyable, I will distinguish four cases:

The first, in the breach of conviction, prison, security measure, precautionary measure, driving or custody, I will differentiate two cases. If the person who produces the brokenness is a person deprived of liberty, the penalty is six months to one year in prison. If the person is not deprived of liberty or in the rest of the assumptions, the penalty of a fine is twelve to twenty four months.

The second, who breaks an accessory penalty, a precautionary measure or a security measure, corresponds to the penalty of six months to one year in prison. In this case, the offended person must be or have been a spouse or person linked by an analogous relationship of affection even without living together. Also, if they are descendants, ascendants or brothers. Likewise, on minors or persons with disabilities who need special protection, who live with him or are subject to his power, or guardianship, curatorship, placement of the spouse or cohabiting partner. Finally, about any person protected within their family nucleus.

The third, the uselessness or disturbance in the technical devices put in place to control that the penalty is fulfilled, results in a fine of six to twelve months. For example, that they are manipulated so that they do not give the exact location, that they are cut and left at home, that they try to put another person and everything that comes to mind to disable or disrupt said devices.

The fourth and last, if they are escaping inmates, the penalty will be six months to four years in prison.


As you can see, there are different ways to break a sentence, but none of them goes unpunished. Depending on the specific case, it will be one type of penalty or another and its duration will vary.







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