In this post, I group all my services. And so, you can make a capture and always have them. I ahve highlighted the most common.

Criminal Law

  • Accusation or defense in the criminal process.
  • Assistance to the detainee.
  • Traffic accident and road accident (both to the cause and to the victim, if any, without prejudice to civil liability).
  • Sexual crimes: abuse, assault and rape.
  • Gender violence.
  • Threats, coercions (both in person and online).
  • Murder and homicide.

Civil Law

  • Traffic accidents (regardless of whether the criminal road is also accessed).
  • Contractual responsibility.
  • Non-contractual liability.
  • Drafting of contracts and their subsequent fulfillment.
  • In addition, with the recent increase in Potentially Dangerous Animals (Potentially Dangerous Dogs), I help you achieve all the requirements to have such a full-blown animal. And later, also if any type of problem arises.
  • Donations-
  • Inheritances.

Family Law

  • Divorce, separation or annulment of the marriage.
  • Compensatory pension and alimony.
  • Company of property or property separation regime.
  • Inheritances.
  • Incapacitacion.

Consumer Law

  • Defense of the right of withdrawal.
  • Warranty right.
  • Electronic contracts.
  • Combined trips.

Labor Law

  • Workplace Harassment.
  • Verification of your contract before its signature and its explanation, that is, your obligations and your rights.
  • Breach of the contract by any of the parties, that is, by the employer or by the employee.
  • Everything related to them: duration, choice of period, remuneration, maternity coincides with that period, vacations coincide with temporary disability, etc.
  • All kinds of layoffs, including those unfair.
  • Collective dismissals.
  • Obtaining the settlement.
  • Process for the protection of Fundamental Rights, among others, the right to life and physical and moral integrity, privacy, liberty and security.

Animal Law

  • Abuse.
  • Abandonment.
  • Stole.
  • Responsibility for acts committed by the animal.
  • Veterinary negligence.
  • Etc.

Tax Law

  • Income and VAT statements.
  • Donations: Taxation.

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