Both in WhatsApp, as in the rest of the social networks or applications.

  • As an anecdote I tell you that I restrict them in the professional field. I use them on personal, always depending on the recipient.
  • Do not use them unless you are sure.
  • Are you sure in what way? Of its meaning, in the sense, that what you want to convey corresponds to its meaning.
  • If an Emoji for me has a meaning and for another person another. If you want to use it, use it and add with a phrase that means to you.
  • If for example that Emoji for me is one thing, but its general meaning is another, what can I do? Add the phrase.
  • What steps do you have to follow if you get an Emoji with a gun, knife or any that gives rise to a threatening situation? Report it and go to perform the computer expert test. Always remember the context of both the Whastapp, social networks or other applications and the external context.
  • Here are these Emoji as an example:

                It has the same meaning as OK.

               OK: we approve what we are told or proposed. (I do not enter whether or not the ok sign is a symbol of the extreme right).

                 It has the opposite meaning. We reject the proposal or said.



     If you have doubts about any Emoji you can leave it in comments.


     See you soon.

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