If it is only yours:

  • Save the original very carefully.
  • If you want to carry it over to avoid repeating the number or for any other reason: better take a photocopy or a photo. Since, if you lose it or steal it, you cannot prove ownership. And whoever holds the original may charge it.


If it is shared:

  • Always make a photo or a photocopy and put your names on the tenth.
  • If you do not have physical access before the draw to the tenth, let them pass the photo on WhatsApp. In this case, you can put in a later message that is also yours.
  • You can also play a role, putting the name of the participants and signing it all. For example, you can put this phrase: the names of the participants have bought the tenth number…. Whose cast will be done as follows….


            Never sign a paper without having read it.

            You can write it in the same photocopy of the tenth, if you prefer.

  • Do you have to go all the participants to buy it? No. Who should stay the tenth? Two assumptions can be made: that you go yourself or that another go. If you go and you keep it, send others a photo or make a photocopy. If another goes and he keeps it, ask that person to pass you a photo or make a photocopy.

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