In relation to today's video, 10 things about me, in this post I am going to explain IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE A LAWYER AND MEDIATRIX AT THE SAME TIME.

Is the same?


What are the most significant differences?

As a lawyer, I am on party, that is, I defend a party.

As a mediatrix, I am not on party, I am neutral, that is, I do not defend anywhere. But I help both parties to try to reach a solution.

Can you be a lawyer and a mediatrix?


From the same parts?


From different parts?


I'm going to make the following example:

You have a query with me. You tell me the following problem: the upstairs neighbor turns out that when he hangs clothes, he wets mine. I've tried talking to him, but he doesn't listen to reason.

And I come to see you Nathalie, to see what solution you have.

In this case clearly going to trial, I see it unsuccessful. Ideally, you should both sit in a mediation session with me as a mediatrix. Because having a mediatrix to direct the process, surely you can come up with a solution. And if you do not reach a written agreement, nothing happens, because surely your differences have been resolved.

In fact, in mediation, each party can expand on what they deem appropriate, tell their reasons whether they are legal or not.

Both parties are legitimized, they can speak and explain their reasons and motives. And it helps them understand the other party's reasons. 


In some cases, mediation is prohibited or in others it is unsuccessful. Mediation does not close the possibility to go to judicial way.

I am a lawyer and mediatrix, although never from the same parties. I can be a lawyer and a mediatrix at the same time, although never from the same parties.


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