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In today's post, I refer to the hiring of any insurance, home, car, local and so on.



1st. Read your contract carefully.

2nd. Review the clauses.

3rd. Make sure what it includes and what it doesn't.

4th. You must confirm that it includes what you have been told.

5th. Sign.

6th. Keep a copy signed by the insurer.


Can I take the contract home with me and think about it before signing?

Yes. It is better that you do it like that if you are not sure. Because once signed, if it is legal, even if it hurts you, you cannot dissociate yourself and require a refund of the price.


If my vehicle, house, business and so on has suffered damage, when should I inform the insurance and how to do it?

It should be reported as soon as possible. The forms are as follows: through the application of the insurance company, the website, by email, by phone.


My advice is that before signing the contract, make sure that the clauses include what they have told you they include.











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