·         Do you like to argue?

·         Do you find benefits in arguing?

·         Does arguing have more benefits or drawbacks?

·         Do you always have to be right?

·         Are you pleased that when you are right, they give it to you?

·         Do you prefer to solve your conflicts yourself?

·         Or do you prefer to be “solved” by a third party?

·         Is it hard for you to ask for forgiveness?

·         Do you prefer to ask for forgiveness or to be asked?

·         Do you consider yourself a collaborator?

·         Do you consider yourself assertive?

·         Do you consider yourself complacent?

·         Do you consider yourself competitive?

·         Do you prefer to initiate or suffer the conflict?

·         Do the conflicts of others affect you?

·         How do you behave when you are part of a conflict?

·         How do you behave when you are not part of a conflict, but it affects you?

·         What bothers you most when faced with a conflict?

·         Did you know that in some conflicts there is also a new opportunity?

·         How do you resolve your own conflicts? And the outsiders?

Copyright ABOGADA NATHALIE GONZÁLEZ Y MEDIADORA, Creator of Objetivo Cero Víctimas.

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