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In this post, I put at your disposal a script of questions for when a conflict arises or when it arises for other people.


·Do you like to argue?

·Do you find benefits in arguing?

·Does arguing have more benefits or drawbacks?

·Do you always have to be right?

·Are you pleased that when you are right, they give it to you?

·Do you prefer to solve your conflicts yourself?

·Or do you prefer to be “solved” by a third party?

·Is it hard for you to ask for forgiveness?

·Do you prefer to ask for forgiveness or to be asked?

·Do you consider yourself a collaborator?

·Do you consider yourself assertive?

·Do you consider yourself complacent?

·Do you consider yourself competitive?

·Do you prefer to initiate or suffer the conflict?

·Do the conflicts of others affect you?

·How do you behave when you are part of a conflict?

·How do you behave when you are not part of a conflict, but it affects you?

·What bothers you most when faced with a conflict?

·Did you know that in some conflicts there is also a new opportunity?

·How do you resolve your own conflicts? And the outsiders?

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