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                     8 MARCH INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY

Today is the International Women's Day. Your celebration is not a "style" now. The UNO promulgates it in 1975. Although earlier, demonstrations had been made claiming equality.

Humanity is a bird with two wings, one male and one female, and if they don't have the same value, they can't take flight.

The fight is not against men. The fight is against people, whether men or women, who are against equality. Those people who harass us, who do not respect the fact of being a woman. And here I want to emphasize something very important of course there are wonderful men and wonderful women.

Sometimes the secret is that there are women who unfortunately are against other women. Why when we talk about work harassment, sexual harassment, the first image that comes to us is from a man to a woman? When it doesn't have to be that way, there are times when bullying occurs from woman to woman or from woman to man.

Women are a great collective, and among us we must support, help and accompany each other. I claim and women claim feminism, which is not our superiority to men, but real equality in all aspects between women and men.

Education in equality is essential. I mean inclusive language; the boys and girls to choose what toy they want to play with because there are no male or female toys. Because all sports can be done by both women and men, etcetera.

It has taken a lot to get here. So we must keep fighting, to honor our ancestors who even lost their lives to defend women's rights. To honor us and future generations. Hopefully someday close real equality will be achieved. It cannot be that, for the mere fact of being born a woman, we are afraid to go out alone.

The struggle of women is not the exclusive heritage of women. Luckily, many men join her. I thank those men, because there are wonderful men who support us.

Society on this path is essential. Both men and women.

I thank with all my heart all the people, both men and women, who fight and help to make this equality more real every day.

Always remember: Humanity is a bird with two wings, one male and one female, and if they don't have the same value, they can't take flight.


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