Before reading the post, I recommend you watch the video CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE,

In the post, I am writing you in relation to a very important issue, such as the PRESCRIPTION OF THE CRIME OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE IN SPAIN.

·         The statute of limitations means that after that time, even if it is reported, the aggressor will not be tried.

·         In the new Organic Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents, it is established that the calculation of the years of prescription must be after the victim reaches 35 years of age.

·         Prescription 20 years, that is, up to 55 years of the victim: sexual assault with carnal access.

·         Prescription 15 years, up to 50 years of the victim: sexual abuse with carnal access.

·         Prescription 10 years, up to 45 years of the victim: sexual assault or sexual abuse without carnal access.

·         Prescription 5 years, up to 40 years of the victim: participate or witness sexual acts or sexual abuse and try to approach or provide pornographic material.

·         That is, the victim has until the aforementioned years depending on the crime to report and that the aggressor is judged. For me, there should be no such statute of limitations. Because they are such painful crimes, that they leave such a great psychological footprint that it depends on each victim when they have enough force to report.

·         The forgiveness of the offended person is eliminated as a cause of extinction of criminal responsibility, when the victim of the crime is a person under eighteen years of age. Luckily, in these cases, forgiveness is not enough and should never have been a cause for termination of criminal responsibility.


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